What are we about?

Continuous improvement is a fact of life for Manufacturing and the Supply Chain. IT should be an integral part of that daily life, being both the life blood and a catalyst for that change and improvement.

To be that catalyst you need to be able to work with IT people that understand and speak the language of manufacturing and the Supply Chain.

Adding IT to your Manufacturing or Supply Chain can be like adding any automation – sure you should always see some improvement, but could you have got more and how much is it costing you.


So what is mITw?

MAKE IT work is committed to working with Manufacturing and Supply Chain businesses in the design of IT solutions, including defining their scope and key deliverables. We don’t sell individual solutions, instead we partner with industry to define solutions to make sure we have answers to these kind of questions;

  • What does the many buzz words, MES, OEE, Visual factory…. mean for me and my business?
  • What is the scope of the solution needed?
    • What will it do for us?
    • What will it not do?
  • What benefits can we expect to see?
  • How can our processes be optimised to get the maximum benefit from our investment?
  • What other benefits could we get that we hadn’t thought of?
  • What questions should we be asking the vendors?
  • How do we train and transform our people to adopt the new ways of working?
  • How do I make sure the solution is as robust and as scalable as I need in my business?


If your business is a regulated industry then you could add to the above list;

  • What needs to be included to ensure the solution will be compliant?
  • Sure it will be compliant on the big things but what are the little things that could trip us up in an audit?

However lots of people will tell you they understand the Supply Chain and understand the regulated environment. So why not give us a shout and see if we really mean it and if we can be of benefit to your business? What have you got to lose?